When making a new home purchase,  most  buyers  will  benefit greatly from retaining an inspector.   The proper training & experience are needed when analyzing the numerous critical home systems.   With our background we can approach the inspection with the comprehensive ability to properly assess  each of these systems and report to the client any critical issues discovered.  While the process is designed to help the customer discover any serious problems it also leads to the description of all systems  involved in the prospective new home.  All styles of design and building varieties will be reported on and described  with full detail in report.  With access to the final report the customer will recieve all documentation  and corroborating photos in support of the conclusions. A general home inspection is a non-invasive  proceedure that gives the customer the information they will need to soundly decide on their new purchase.
        'a THOROUGH Home Inspector' strives to maintain current industry standards through interNACHI's continuing education programs.  The constantly changing requirements for a home inspector drive us to keep up to date on all relevent issues.  As the building industry changes the products and processes used in creating residential properties,  an inspector needs to maintain full comprehension of those processes.  There are historical issues the industry has of problematic products and techniques that require a full knowledge of.  Recalled items as well as newly reported issues being discovered are areas of our focus.  When contracting our services,  our customers decision to call  'a THOROUGH Home Inspector'  gives them the comprehensive and conclusive knowledge they will need to move forward with their purchase.